SIAS S.p.A. born in February 2002 following the demerger of some activities of the parent company ASTM S.p.A. (at the time called S.A. Torino-Milan motorway).

In the new company all the investments held by ASTM SpA were initially merged. in concessionary companies mainly located along the Tyrrhenian corridor (SALT, Autostrada dei Fiori, CISA), while the concessionary companies located in the north-western area of ​​the country remain in charge of ASTM.

During 2007, the corporate reorganization of the ASTM and SIAS Groups was completed, which led to the concentration – in the SIAS Group – of all the investments held in the motorway concession sector.

After the acquisition of the joint control of ECORODOVIAS, one of the main motorway operators in Brazil, signed at the end of 2015 and finalized in May 2016, SIAS is one of the main motorway operators in the world, with a network of over 4000 km under management.


Start of business reorganization: spin-off of ASTM concessions (SALT) and SIAS listing


Acquisition of the joint Ecorodovias control (through IGLI): € 476m for 41%


Conclusion of the agreement with ARDIAN (27 September 2018): indirect entry into participation (minority shareholder)