Integration between ASTM and SIAS

Integration between ASTM and SIAS

The main objectives of the Transaction are:

– establishing a listed industrial holding which, operating as a “One Company” listed on the stock market, with specific capabilities in motorways’ concessions, in construction, in engineering and in technological innovation;

– shortening the chain of control with respect to operating companies, according to national and international standard practice and the market expectations, to simplify the structure of the group, with positive effects on the access to cash flows and consequently to the capital market;

– creating a new industrial group able to grow in an efficient and competitive manner on domestic and foreign markets, including by resorting to the market through capital strengthening transac-tions in the light of the new strategic plan to be submitted to the Board of Directors following the Merger;

– promoting the creation of a listed issuer that, for its size and liquidity, may become one of the major companies in the Italian stock market;

– streamlining the company structure and consequently cutting down holding costs and further strengthening the industrial synergies and improving operating results.