SIAS operates in the various sectors dedicated to technologies for the management and monitoring of critical infrastructures through SINELEC, a company that specialises in the design, construction and management of advanced systems for safety, mobility information, toll collection and telecommunications.

SINELEC is a leader in the research, design, installation and maintenance of advanced systems for managing data regarding mobility and transport, collected at the company’s Data Center and analysed using Advanced Analytics models.

The company’s main activities are connected to ITS (Intelligence Transport Systems), to cutting-edge toll collection systems (in line with European directives) and to telematic systems for monitoring traffic and increasing safety, with a particular focus on the development and implementation of new technologies dedicated to vehicle safety and assisted driving.

The company has its own WAN (Wide Area Network) telecommunications network, and creates the infrastructures, ICT services and information systems for Group companies.

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Sinelec Company Presentation 2018

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